Wicker Patio Furniture

All of our wicker furniture is made from premium hand-woven resin wicker.  Like our aluminum sets, resin wicker can be left out in the rain and snow all year long.

Pastiche Wicker Couch Club Chair Patio Brown Rochester

Pastiche Wicker Couch Club Chair Patio Brown Buffalo
The ultra-premium Pastiche line is sure to turn the heads of those who walk by. This modern wicker set has a rare weave which is extremely hard and thick with little to no give, although surprisingly smooth given it's thickness. Sink into its large and luxurious Sunbrella fabric cushions, and you might decide you never want to get up. 

Bray Wicker Brown Sofa Club Chair Patio Outdoor
The Bray is a mid-tier line of wicker.  Design is simple but classy; weave color is a rich and complex brown.  The weave is soft and smooth, with moderate thickness.  

Emerson Wicker Club Chair Loveseat Patio
The Emerson set is a mid-tier wicker set with an elegant, if under spoken aesthetic. Weave is on the thin and smooth side, with moderate hardness.  A perfect choice for a smaller patio, or cozy gatherings.  
Amelia (taking orders)
Amelia Wicker Sofa Club Loveseat Swivel
Give your space a clean and elegant look with the high-end Amelia couch set.  The durable line boasts a classic wicker look and feel, with thinner weave of moderate coarseness and hardness.  The club chairs effortlessly swivel a full 360 degrees.

Modular Sectionals and Loveseats

Modular Wicker with coffee table and cup holder.

Wicker Loveseat, Sunbrella Cushions

A new wicker arrival of mid tier+ wicker from One Perfect Choice!  Weave is a with moderate coarseness and give, and cushions are ultra-soft. We have rich dark-brown, light brown, and grey weave.  Sectional is modular, so can be easily rearranged in different patterns to fit different rooms. 

Brooks Wicker Aluminum Rochester Patio Dining Set
The Brooks line is hybrid wicker-aluminum line that pairs functionality with a clean and modern aesthetic.  This mid-tier wicker weave is thin, smooth, and on the soft side of of the soft-hard spectrum.

Pastiche Dining Table and Wicker Armless Dining Chairs
Pastiche Wicker Aluminum Dining Table 5-piece armless Chairs Patio

Elizabeth (Out of stock for Season)
Elizabeth Amelia Sectional Couch Patio Outdoor Furniture

Amelia Elizabeth Couch Sectional Patio
The Elizabeth is a high-end wicker sectional that gives space for accents or throw-pillow storage.  The smooth and thick weave of this line is a softer weave that has a little bit of give.  

Hestia (Out of Stock for Season)
Hestia Wicker Sectional Patio Outdoor high-end gorgeous
Hestia Wicker Lounger high-tier Patio
The super premium Hestia line offers a modern take on a classic wicker aesthetic. Wicker for those with an eye for detail, this line is pulls off elegance without pretentiousness.  The double-patterned weave is on the thinner side, with moderate hardness and coarseness. 

Laurent (Out of Stock for Season)
Laurent Club Chair Wicker Sectional Couch
The Laurent is a high-tier line of ornate wicker.  The 'wooden' arms and legs are actually weather resistant aluminum, thus can be left out all year round like any of our other high-tier patio pieces.  Weave is thin, and of moderate coarseness and hardness.