Furniture for Life

The patio sets we sell are predominantly solid cast-aluminum, powder coated numerous times for maximum resistance to weather and scratching.  This is heirloom quality furniture that can last a lifetime if not abused.  Designs range from simple weave tables and chairs, to more ornate and elegant pieces.  

All cushions sold are ultra-durable Sunbrella cushions that are extremely weather resistant. It takes years of sunlight exposure for them to fade, and they dry out very quickly after storms. The manufacturer that obtains the cushions when shipping the sets to us has bragged that you can even pour bleach on the cushions and they would be fine (although we personally wouldn't try something quite that extreme).  The combination of the high-quality frames and cushions mean that you can keep them outside year-round, worry free.  

Note: if you use umbrellas with the table, you will still need to remove the umbrellas on windy days, as the shear forces from strong winds can cause damage.