Incoming Patio

Due to the supply issue from the global container and shipping situation, we are letting customers put down a deposit of $500 to lock in one of the brand new sets that should arrive around the end of March.  Due to container costs, we have only been able to order 100 sets for the entire season.  If you don't want to go through the headache of not being able to find inventory like last year, we highly recommend you put a deposit with us to lock up a product.

And your new patio or pool will be so appreciative to have such gorgeous pieces to go with it!

Maxwell: 5-piece Dining Set:  $2,3995-piece Patio Set Maxwell

The Maxwell is a charming 5-piece dining-set that can fit on almost any patio.  The ornate chairs are meticulously designed with no waste, and since every piece is aluminum (like any high-tier patio furniture), this set is light and mobile.  The table diameter is 48 inches, and all chairs will be the standard 4-legged dining chairs (no swivels). 

Monterey: 7-piece Fire-pit Bar Set:  $4,999Fire-pit Bar Set.  7-piece patio set

This fire-pit set has a sleek and minimal design that is very pleasing to the eye.   The wide base of the swivel bar-stools makes them surprisingly stable, and the oversized table diameter of 60 inches allows comfortable seating for 6, so there is plenty of room to have fire-side cocktails with your closest group of friends all night long.  Fire-insert has a hose to fit a standard propane tank. 

Panacea: 7-piece Dining Set:  $4,799

The Panacea design is one of the most elegant designs on the market, with few forges in the world capable of providing this level of detail on cast-aluminum pieces.  We are upgrading two of the dining chairs to be swivel versions, to put at the head of the table (see fire-pit picture below for an example). Like all sets we sell, the construction is precise and wastes nothing, which keeps the set light and mobile.
Table dimensions: 42"x87"

Panacea: 5-piece Fire-pit Set:  $4,299Panacea Firepit

The Panacea fire-pit table is a stunningly elegant fire-pit which is sure to turn heads, and the Panacea high-back chairs are some of the only chairs luxurious enough to match.  Set includes a dining-height fire-pit table, and 4 of the swivel-style panacea dining chairs as shown in the picture above.  Table diameter is 52 inches, and fire-insert has a hose to fit a standard propane tank. 


Hamlet: 7-piece Dining Set:  $3,299

 Hamlet Weave

Weave Chair Patio Hamlet

This simple design is a timeless classic: The style is beautiful but substantive, almost looking like cast iron.  Not to worry though, as the set is still light enough to maneuver like all aluminum furniture is supposed to be.  Four of the hamlet chairs will be standard non-swivel style with legs, and two of the chairs will be swivel style (like the picture above) to be placed at the head of the table.
Table dimensions: 42"x72"