Furniture for Life

Our mission is to bring high-end outdoor furniture to Buffalo at a low price rarely seen in the luxury furniture space.  

Most high-end furniture stores have high prices for 3 reasons:
a) They set high profit margins, because customers of luxury goods tend to be less price sensitive.
b) They buy wholesale as orders come in and inventory leaves, rather than buying large quantities directly from the factory.
c) They have a large overhead that they have to cover, paying a large sales staff or renting a huge and expensive space.  

We believe there is room to add value to our local community by buying in bulk direct from one of the great forges of the world (so nobody beats us on cost).  
We are also happy to accept a lower profit margin, and have more transactions with you (after all, more overall economic value is created this way!)

The patio sets we sell are predominantly solid cast-aluminum, powder coated twice for maximum resistance to scratching and corrosion.  This is heirloom quality furniture that can last a lifetime if not abused.  Designs range from simple weave tables and chairs, to more ornate and elegant pieces. Metal frames have a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.  

Pleas note that none of our metal furniture contains glue in the joinery. Price of labor and materials have gone up significantly in the last two years, and many retailers have moved to cheaper manufacturers in order to keep costs the same.  We are unwilling to compromise our quality however.  Here is an example from Raymour and Flanigan's own site:

Previous Forge Example (The forge we get inventory from, with no glue in the joinery.  This was an older supplier of Raymour)
New Forge Example (Cheaper, glue in the joinery. This is a new supplier of Raymour) 

All cushions sold are made with ultra-durable sun-resistant fabric.  Most of the cushions on our sets are Sunbrella, the industry leader in weather resistant patio cushions. It takes hundreds of hours of sunlight exposure for them to fade, and they dry out very quickly after storms. The manufacturer that obtains the cushions when shipping the sets to us has bragged that you can even pour bleach on the cushions and they would be fine (although we personally wouldn't try something quite that extreme).  The combination of the high-quality frames and cushions mean that you can keep them outside year-round, worry free.  

Note: if you use umbrellas with the table, you will still need to remove the umbrellas on windy days, as the shear forces from strong winds can cause damage. 

Wicker furniture we sell is made of hand-woven resin for improved weather resistance.  Wicker frames have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

We will also have indoor furniture, but our indoor inventory will be based on opportunities available.  If we happen to find an extremely good deal buying some, we will pull the trigger, and pass a good price onto you.