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Flamingo specializes in selling premium quality luxury vinyl plank.  We also are able to install products we sell, for which we guarantee a first-rate and beautifully done job. We do not subcontract.  Although all of our products vary in color, plank size, and installation methods, they all share high-quality characteristics that make them more desirable than any product you can find in a standard retail home-renovation store. Please take advantage of our visualizer (a pop-up in the bottom right), and see what a product we sell would look like inside of your own space!
The first thing any consumer needs to do before choosing what product to buy (and where to buy it from) is to learn about the product.  So here is our take on flooring, and an explanation of why our flooring is different (and higher quality) than flooring you will find at most other stores.  

The quality and durability of synthetic floors of all types have increased tremendously in the last 10 years.  Contrary to popular belief, the quality of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is much more dependent on the quality and thickness of the wear-layer than on the thickness or hardness of the core.  Wear-layer thickness (which determines how material wears over time and how scratch or dent resistant it is) is measured in MILS, or 1/1000 inch layers of protectant.  The stuff we sell ranges from 12 to 22 MIL, whereas the highest that we found last time we checked out the inventory of a normal big-box store was 8 MIL (and more commonly 2 or 4). Additionally, every product we sell has a ceramic micro-bead coating, which does three things:

- Increases toughness and wear-resistance by approximately 6 MIL worth of wear layer
- Makes the floor less slippery (with which vinyl can be an issue)
- Makes floor easier to keep clean

Additionally, all the LVP we sell has a stone-polymer core (or SPC), instead of the more common wood-polymer core (or WPC).  Stone core is straight-up superior to wood for two reasons:

- Floor is essentially water proof for water falling on the surface (note that water coming up from below like in a basement is something different and is still an issue that must be dealt with)
- SPC core is less rigid, which gives more installation flexibility if the floor is uneven
- Floor will not expand as much with weather changes, so you have more leeway in how much extra space the floating floor needs on installation 

Finally, vinyl plank can emit chemicals into the air after installation (usually formaldehyde). All the flooring we sell is “live-green” certified, and has some of the lowest outgassing rates in the flooring industry. 

In summary, our floors are well-priced high-quality products that will stay beautiful for a much longer period of time.  We feel that for the vast majority of buyers, it is well worth your investment compared to paying 30% less at a normal retail home-improvement store.  You will save a huge amount of both time and money in the long run.


If you would like a professional installation, we have our own team do estimates and installation of flooring products which we sell.  We pride ourselves on more precise and efficient estimates than other contractors and companies, which means that unlike most other businesses that charge after the fact for time and materials, your job cost will actually be the estimate we give, unless there is an issue that is both significant and unforeseeable (such as we remove carpet, and the subfloor we were going to install plank on is in horrible shape and cannot receive the flooring).  If a job takes longer than we think or takes more material than we thought it would need, our business simply eats that cost.  When we take care of your installation, you can expect a reliable and professional install of a beautiful floor. 

Our installation will include edge-work such as installing trim, shoe, and transition strips.  We are also happy to supply services such as removal and disposal of carpet, and leveling of floor for plank installation.  We do not offer any services relating to anything structural in the space we are working in.  For example, if there are carpentry repairs that must be made to your subfloor because it is unsafe to install plank, you will need to be referred to a general contractor that does structural work.